Where are your offices?

We work out of New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta. We have our own studio in Atlanta, and studios we work with in NY and LA.

How much does a commercial cost?

The price depends on the project, of course. If you think you can get a great radio spot for $150 then you're gonna be mighty disappointed. The spots we feature on this website all wound up in the $5000 range when all was said and done. Other factors include where the spot is running and for how long. Talk to us, we'll go over everything with you and give you an accurate estimate for free.

Where do you get your talent from?

We cast out of New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles. We go through AFTRA-franchised talent agents who hold the auditions and submit them to us.

Are you an ad agency, or what?

We are a boutique agency. I guess that means we're tiny. We work directly with advertising agencies who come to us for support with their radio. We also work directly with clients looking for radio commercials. Ad agencies like us because we can offer them a solid radio creative wing that a lot of agencies lack. Radio is the red-headed stepchild of advertising. It's always locked in the attic and fed marshmallows.

Do you work as a "silent" partner?

Yes. Advertising agencies have hired us for our creative and pretended we don't exist. Sometimes they don't want their clients knowing that they're outsourcing. That is okay with us because we're getting paid for it. We won't say a word. Lips sealed and all that.

Did you really see a guy in a bear suit walking down the street before you wrote this?


Do you only do humorous radio?

No. We're realistic. We're not going to do funny spots for a funeral home. Though that would be freakin' awesome! We work with our clients to give them the best work we can. That's not to say we'll do anything. If you come looking for a car dealer ad with screaming lasers and shouting freaks, we'll direct you to another place. No one likes shouting laser freaks.

What's the turnaround time?

It all depends on the project. It's nice to have time. It's not always possible, we know. Again, talk to us.

What if I have more questions?

You can wait for us to update the FAQ in 2005 or you can call us or drop us an email. Operators are standing by. Or they're close and will return your call.