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Sixty Second was founded by three advertising professionals who liked radio a whole bunch: Fred Leo, Brian Sack and Tommy Smeltzer.

They also had a healthy disdain for having bosses. And they enjoyed good senses of humor and a penchant for getting liquored up and shooting skeet. They barbequed like real men. And they hated bad radio so much it made them sting. Like a bee sting but more stingery. Just a whole lot of stinging.

It stang so much they formed Sixty Second Airborne. Then they found an office and proceeded to build a studio from scratch with their own bare hands.

This was the stupidest idea in the world. Who the hell builds a damn studio all by themselves? Apparently just us.

Brian nearly died. Fred was ready to call it quits. But Tommy, Mister Freakin' Carpenter Boy, kept on nailing and sanding things.

What seemed like a decade later, they were finished building. Their studio was complete. Then our pal Shawn Mullins nearly burned it down. Everything's gonna be alright? Rockabye? Not if you torch our place.

It wasn't long before ad agencies and individual clients were knocking on our door. This is a bad thing to do when we're in a recording session. But we were happy for the business.

And so we kept on keeping on, writing, casting and producing radio commercials for clients. Funny radio commercials whenever we could, but funny-good ones. Not funny-bad ones. If there was any downtime, 'ol Carpenter Boy Tommy would build a magazine rack. Maybe a bench. Anything to show off his carpenter skills and keep the stink of sawed wood in the air.

And now, here we are. Captain Tommy runs the Los Angeles office, Captain Fred/Atlanta and Captain Brian/New York. All writing, casting and producing radio commercials to keep the airwaves safe for good radio.